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Jenia’s Perfect Travel Day

March 6, 2015

Washington D.C. winter 2014-2015 has been brutal. It’s March 6, and we are covered in a blanket of snow. To distract myself from this nonsense, I have been doing lots of daydreaming – and maybe a little planning – for some travel adventures. And since it’s Wanderlust Friday — I get to share these daydreams with you. So…what would my perfect travel day look like?

It would definitely start with watching the sunrise. Preferably one that didn’t require a huge amount of effort to get to, like for example, if we were staying at a lake house and I could just wake up and watch the sun come out from our porch. Yea, that sounds good. Oh and it would be perfectly warm – not humid and hot yet, just a nice warm breeze. Then, I would go for a nice long swim. There would be no people yet on the shore, and I would have this gloriousness all to myself.

jenia_perfect_travel_day_housetolaos_0002I could totally be down with this hut on Inle Lake, Myanmar. Can you just imagine the sunrise?

Time for coffee – which I take very seriously. I like being addicted to coffee — — that first sip is always so good, and is something I look forward to quite a bit. My first cup of the day is always hot – no matter the temperature outside. I like to watch the day come alive over coffee, maybe read the news and scroll through my blog feed to see what’s going on in travel and home design communities.

For breakfast I love to eat whatever the local preference is, though I have to say that my all time favorite is Turkish breakfast. So many little bowls of deliciousness, so, so good – the cheese, the olives, menemen. And chai. Turkish tea is in my top three favorite (non-alcoholic) beverages. To make breakfast just perfect it would be alfresco, either on a balcony or at a street café with good vantage points for people watching. It would definitely be leisurely. And involve chatting with Sergey and making loose plans for the day.

jenia_perfect_travel_day_housetolaos_0005Traditional Turkish breakfast for two in Ankara, Turkey.

I usually like to accomplish at least one thing for the day, except if we are on Ko Lanta or another sand and sun destination, in which case laying on the beach is my accomplishment. So I would either see a museum, explore a monument or an old fortress, go for a short hike in some dreamy landscape, do something that is unique to the area where I am. I LOVE to learn so if there is an audio tour or an actual guide I will probably sign up, and then be that person who has a follow up question every time. (Sorry).

jenia_perfect_travel_day_housetolaos_0003Fairy Creek, Mui Ne, Vietnam.

I don’t like lunch as a meal. So I would snack to refuel. On my perfect day I would be able to take a short nap – I am terrible at them, and wish that I were much better. I keep trying to practice, but most of the time it doesn’t work. In the afternoon I would explore side alleys and little streets, wander, get lost, stumble on a charming café for a late afternoon snack with white wine, and lots of people watching – my favorite past time! Maybe we play some card games, chat with strangers a couple tables over, or do more reading.

jenia_perfect_travel_day_housetolaos_0004Snacking time – alfresco – in Budapest, Hungary.

Sunsets are perfect on the beach – so that’s where I would like to be to watch the sun go down – preferably with a mango or banana shake in hand, sugar free version for Jay Dee Home on Klong Nin Beach, Koh Lanta. Maybe another swim is in order. But only if its still super warm outside. I don’t like being cold – at all.

My favorite dinner is whole grilled fish – bones, eyes, skin and all – shared with Sergey over a couple of beers, or white wine. And of course, perfect travel day calls for desert – probably ice cream or better yet, a milk shake. An alternative, and another desert that I love is tiramisu.

jenia_perfect_travel_day_housetolaos_0001Sunsets are the most magical on Koh Lanta, Thailand. 

The day would finish around a bonfire with good friends old or new. Lots and lots of stars in the sky. Stories, laughter, silliness, and just hanging out. Oh, I also like to watch those wish lanterns float away in the night sky.

I should note – my perfect travel day would NOT include any actual transit. That part of travel isn’t my favorite, but I guess that’s a given. Cheers, and happy travels — what would your perfect day look like?

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