Welcome to House to Laos.

We are explorers, collectors, and storytellers.

In July 2013 we left our home in the USA and took leisurely 14 months to explore bits and parts of the world. Along the way we collected lots of great memories and a fair share of artifacts. We were based in Washington D.C. for three years post our adventure. Now we are in Brasilia, Brazil, busy at work putting into words and sorting through the images and videos of all our travel stories, which we share here.

We don’t have immediate plans for another longterm adventure just yet, but both of us are pretty determined to set aside a good long chunk of time to explore Latin America and Africa no matter what. Bigger picture, we are trying to figure out how to make extensive travel part of a sustainable lifestyle that makes sense for us. We’ve got some ideas, are pursuing a few different options, and basically scheming and planning our way to that goal.

In the meantime, we are casting for travel opportunities big and small around us. On our last adventure at the end of October — we headed separate ways with Sergey spending a nice long weekend with friends in Virginia, while Jenia attended the TBEX conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Next up, we are headed to Miami and Naples in Florida at the end of November.

If you have questions or recommendations for us, we would LOVE to hear them. So let’s connect, via twitter, G+, facebook, or email.

If you want to know more about what our perfect travel day looks like, you should check out what Jenia has to say on the topic here, and what Sergey thinks is here (spoiler alert, Sergey couldn’t narrow down his perfect travel day to just one instance).

What’s up with House to Laos?

A House to Laos is an actual descriptor of how things went down. One day in 2010 we bought a house in Washington D.C. And then proceeded to renovate the living daylights out of it. And then — when normal people would go on to decorate and make themselves comfortable, maybe have some babies, or at least get a dog — we were like, hold up. Before we get too comfortable, let’s go to Laos! Well actually, not just Laos. The World! Let’s go see the world!

*We should say that our very excellent friend Peter actually came up with the name for this blog. Thanks Peter!

Today, House to Laos is a blog about adventures, wanderlust, and quest for sustainable travel lifestyle. You can also find HTL over on facebookG+, pinterest, twitter, and insta/gram. If you still want more, sign up for our newsletter on the right. Don’t worry, we only send useful and relevant content.

Can you partner with us?

You bet! If you are in the travel industry and are looking to partner your brand with an energetic couple of explorers, collectors, and storytellers please reach out! We are looking to have many adventures, so if you are a hotel, airline, tour operator, B&B, hostel, website, etc., and want to chat more about the possible link up, please contact us at info@housetolaos.com

Onwards and upwards!

Sergey and Jenia, aka House to Laos

Photo Credit: Mia Mabanta. Thank you, you awesome friend, you!