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Packing list for our RTW adventure – Jenia’s side

August 5, 2013

This one was tough. I spent a lot of time thinking about it, and in the end I also ended up spending quite a bit of money (although the purchases were spread out over a few months which helps to assuage the guilt). The main reason for a hefty investment is that travel gear is expensive – just two pairs of smartwool socks + travel underwear came to $50. I also splurged on a few items that weren’t complete necessities, but are nice to have. In the end I felt that comfort on the road was worth the upfront spending.

The other guiding principle in my packing adventures is that I will not wear anything that makes me look like a tourist (no fleeces / zipoff pants in downtown Moscow) or a commuter (no sneakers with skirts). Living in Washington D.C. for the past 7 years I have seen enough of that.  It just looks so bad — and yes, people judge. Now, I am not what I would consider a fashion junky, and I certainly don’t have all the latest. I just like to look nice and be comfortable.

One last bit before we get to the goods. Travel Fashion Girl website – go!!! you can get lost for hours. I have found many items that made it on my final list on this site. Including ipanema sandals — my go to dress shoe, flip flop, and shower shoe, all in one!

Ok, without further ado – my packing list! The * sign indicates that items were purchased specifically for this trip.

Backpack + packing aides


The backpack / suitcase was my first big decision — I realize that there will be times when I need to carry a backpack. But most of the time (ok more than 50% of the time) I can roll a suitcase. Which is what I by far prefer. This might not be the right choice for a lot of people, and I might curse this decision later on, but right now I am pretty excited about this guy. And yes, it is comfortable to wear it as a backpack.

The bagallini purse was a late addition to the list. Purchased just last week. I didn’t want an actual travel purse (see above), so for awhile I thought I would just bring one of the many purses I already own. But I didn’t have anything cross-body that could fit my mac book air. So I hemmed and hawed over the price, but decided to treat myself. So far I am happy – although the technology pocket doesn’t fit the air, it does fit in the bag itself – but the real test will be on the road.

7 tops + rain shell


  • two t-shirts
  • tank top
  • sleeveless blouse
  • l/s button down*
  • long cardigan*
  • sweatshirt*
  • rain shell*

Everlane has the bestest feeling terrycloth sweatshirts, which look fancy and sweatery enough to wear for casual outing in a city. They are also amazingly comfortable. The sweatshirt is coming with me in my purse where-ever I go.

7 bottoms + LBD


  • skinny jeans
  • black linen pants — can be used as pj bottoms as well
  • travel / hiking pants * (not pictured)
  • leggins *
  • mini skirt
  • shorts
  • wrap dress / skirt combo
  • LBD *

I would just like to say that I think I might have found the least offensive travel / hiking pants in the world. I have tried on at least 10 different pairs – most looked dreadful. My choices were considerably constricted due to the fact that I refused to go the zip-off route. A friend recommended the PrAna Halle pants — which have so far surpassed any other pant that I tried on that its surprising there is an competition left (now I realize that every body is different, but for me these really work!)

And a note on the LBD — I went with ExOfficio Go-To Women’s Tank dress. The dress covers my knees making it a little more conservative. Its also very comfortable making it a good choice for travel days.

4 Shoes & Accessories


The bass old lady walking shoes are the best! I have flat arches, so shoes with a good arch support are a must. These are amazing – they mould to my feet, and feel better than walking barefoot. The only thing is they wear out pretty fast. I am ok with that though, I figure I can discard and pick items as needed. I used to have Bass Women’s Chrissie Oxford, but these are sold out. My new ones are Bass Women’s Eddie Oxford, which are also difficult to track but doable – I got mine on ebay.

  • scarf / shawl
  • cashmere hat*
  • gloves
  • 7 pairs of underwear (including 2 anti-microbial*)
  • 3 bras
  • 3 socks (2 smart wool – long and short*, long cashmere socks)
  • black tights — to wear with my mini skirt and layer for warmth
  • bikini
  • sunglasses

Toiletries / Medicine


  • toothbrush/ toothpaste/ floss
  • face wash
  • Face Lotion with SPF15
  • chapstick
  • shampoo + conditioner
  • razor/ bar soap
  • Lunette cup
  • deodorant
  • perfume
  • nail clipper/ filer
  • tweezers and small mirror
  • hair brush
  • baby wipes
  • anti-allergy
  • ibuprofen
  • imodium
  • tummy ache reliever
  • pepto bismol chewable
  • cipro
  • antiseptic cream
  • nyquil / dayquil

We will be getting additional medicines in Russia where we will also top off on vaccines in order to save some cash money.




  • passports
  • extra passport photos
  • air tickets
  • insurance
  • driver’s license
  • bank card/ credit card
  • cash
  • pen
  • business cards

So this is it. Sergey will be carrying technology: my camera and computer (although sometimes those will be in the bagallini), cords, kindle. All of that forthcoming in his post.


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