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Wanderlust Friday

May 15, 2015

Happy Wanderlust Friday guys! Last weekend was graduations galore around Washington DC, and so summer feels like its going to kick into high gear any second now. For some reason I always associate summer with travel more than any other time of year — maybe its the longer days, or the ease of one-outfit-packing, or those childhood memories of school’s being out for summer. Do you have any exciting travel plans for the summer?

bestof_111413_housetolaos_0002Bamboo rafts for tourist rides on the Yanshou River, China. 

We have a few adventures in the works, but I kind of want to add a tour of these high class boutique hostels to our list of destinations. Seriously, I don’t think I can pick a favorite one, they are all so unique and so good.

But instead, we will likely check out this new travel site by Amazon for travel — only offered for LA, San Diego, and NYC so far, but looks promising (and, also, guess where we are going!)

Failing that, there’s always AirBnB….Do you ever play around on AirBnB with wish lists? I was last night, and discovered that AirBnB has it’s own top 40 wish list, and it’s kind of amazing. My number one pick, is hands down this one in Chile, but there are some close seconds in there as well (also, I want my 2 hours back, AirBnB!)

I have been meaning to create a check-list for all those things I like to have in a short term rental, but always forget to look for when booking (like good wifi connection, or teapot — yes, I need an electric one wherever I travel). Making It Anywhere blog has a helpful post on precisely the things to look for in AirBnB listings (for digital nomads, though all of those things I kind of like to have anyway).

While we are big fans of AirBnB, something in this article about the anti-luxury, hippie alternative to the yuppity of AirBnB struck a cord.

In other news, we have never camped overnight out in the wild (or in a park, for that matter) and thinking about trying that, but it seems like with limited reservations and popularity of Big Sur this might be a disaster in the making?…any tips for Highway 1 spots would be much appreciated.

And as always, if you need more travel inspiration, head on over to our facebook page where you can find our wanderlust video pick of the week!

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