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Cabin Weekend: Lost River, WV

April 24, 2015

For the foreseeable future we are based out of Washington DC, but still intend to travel far and wide, explore closer to home, and pretty much engage any and all wanderlust opportunities that come our way. We recently went away for a cabin weekend, that quintessential American retreat, and it was wonderful. There is something magical about getting away from your daily life – whether it involves full time travel or a 9-5 with kids, dogs, and what have you. It is lovely to just take off and go, unplug from responsibilities, future plans, and just focus on being there, being in the moment.

LostRiverWV_housetolaos_052On the road to a cabin weekend in Lost River, West Virginia. 

The cabin in Lost River, West Virginia was exactly what we needed after a few months of being ensconced in realities of daily routine in Washington D.C. For those fleeting three days, it was just the two of us again, taking on an unknown adventure, in a place neither one of us has ever explored. Though it was bitterly cold we had a chance to enjoy the “wild and wonderful” part of West Virginia, going on a hike up to Trout Pond, but mostly just running out on  the deck of our cabin, or staring out the huge windows at the view.

LostRiverWV_housetolaos_011LostRiverWV_housetolaos_053Hiking around Trout Pond, Lost River, West Virginia.  

It did snow at one point — this is late March, which even in the mountains of West Virginia is pretty extreme — so I think it’s totally ok that we didn’t manage to squeeze in all that much outdoor time. And to be totally honest, as beautiful as West Virginia nature is, we were too much into the cabin where we were staying, and were perfectly content to hang out, play cards, read books, and just enjoy being away together.


LostRiverWV_housetolaos_002Our cabin for a snowy weekend in Lost River, West Virginia.

The times we weren’t lazily hanging out and basking in the sun, safe in confines of the warm cabin, we did do a lot of cooking. Actually, I should say that Sergey did a lot of cooking — I just mainly played the role of sommelier, sous chef, and a documenter-of-the-experience in charge. It was quite lovely particularly as this was a bit of  a role reversal for us. The cabin came equipped with all modern conveniences required to make fancy meals, including an amazing bar that must have been delivered straight up from the set of Mad Men.




LostRiverWV_housetolaos_034Cooking and mixing cocktails at the cabin in Lost River, West Virginia.  

Here’s a peak at more of the cabin interiors, which I spent much of the weekend intently studying. I enjoy a well decorated space more than probably recommended, which means that if design-wise our abode is off, my moon is too. I can assure you that this was NOT the case at Lost River cabin. I really enjoyed the mix of modern conveniences, nice finishes, lovely mid century furniture and a few unusual pieces mixed in. Another bonus: Sergey and I have divergent tastes when it comes to interiors — and everything else, really — but we were both pretty taken with this cabin.

LostRiverWV_housetolaos_030LostRiverWV_housetolaos_049LostRiverWV_housetolaos_038LostRiverWV_housetolaos_050LostRiverWV_housetolaos_044A perfect cabin for a getaway from Washington DC. Lost River, West Virginia.

The weekend was all over much too quickly, and it made us long to get back on the road, to explore more, to experience more, to be enveloped in that spirit of adventure. So when we got back to Washington D.C., we promptly sat back in our kitchen and booked two more adventures for April and June. I guess what I am trying to say is that travel and adventures come in all shapes and sizes, so go on, embrace it, even if it’s just for a weekend getaway, only 2 hours away from where you live.

Many thanks to our friend Kevin for hosting us at the cabin. As always, we tell it like it is and all views expressed are entirely our own. 

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