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Change of Plans: Part Deux

June 3, 2014

Zhinvali reservoir, Georgia. Source: Project4x4

So remember that time we talked about relaxing in Indonesia? Well, we kind of changed our minds (it has happened before). It happened in Vietnam, during our DIY motorcycle adventure from Hanoi to Hoi An. We drove for days through jaw dropping scenery – rice paddies, tea plantations, mountains, minority villages. We tasted amazing food. We drank bia hoi with locals while conversing in Russian, shared hand greetings with villagers, and generally had a blast. It literary couldn’t get any better. But we realized that after eight plus months in Asia, five of those in SE Asia, this was it — we are saturated with our experiences here and must move on before it starts to feel like we are hitting a replay button. After looking forward to Bali for so long, it was kind of crazy to think of it as not so appealing at the moment. But that was the truth and we had to face it.

Today is our last full day in Asia. We are spending it in Hanoi at some delightful caphes. Tomorrow we will board a flight for Moscow, and the day after we will be on our way to Tbilisi, Georgia. We will have a little under a month in the South Caucasus. A cheese pie is Georgia’s national dish, and families take pride in their homemade wine – two delicacies we haven’t had in months. Hospitality is Georgia’s thing — visitors are believed to bring good luck. There are medieval churches high up in the mountains, glorious resort towns by the Sea, and artsy capital to explore. Between adventures and visits to relatives we won’t have much time to relax, but that’s ok. One day we will make it to Ubud, Gili Air, and all those other destinations in the tropical paradise of Indonesia that you guys told us about. One day. We are in no rush.

In the meantime, if you have tips and suggestions for Georgia send them our way. Onwards and upwards!


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