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July 12, 2013

Where are we now?


Our Plan

Funny story – once we settled on doing this massive trip we kind of let the idea digest for awhile and didn’t really talk itinerary for a few weeks. But once we did, we had the same idea, start in Moscow and work our way east on the train. Both of us grew up in Russia, which gives us certain advantages – passports, language, and understanding of cultural norms, all of which are huge to reducing the hassle level of traveling in the world’s largest country.

The rest of planning was a bit harder, but here’s a tentative plan.


August / September
– Russia
– Mongolia
– China

– China
– South Korea

– Japan
– Thailand – well deserved rest on one of the islands.

– Myanmar
– Malaysia

January – February
– Laos
– Cambodia
– Vietnam

– India

– Thailand – Song kran sounds like a fantastically good idea.
– Philippines

– Indonesia — Bali for a month of relaxing.

– Singapore
– South Africa
– Brazil

– Brazil
– Peru

– Bolivia


* After here we kind of hit a dilemma. At this point we will have been on the road for about a year. On the one hand we would love to go to Argentina and Chile. But it might be a little too chilly for Chile. You know. So what shall we do?

Work our way up to head home? Hang around Bolivia for a bit (do some work?!)  and wait for better weather? I guess at this point we will just have to see. Our finances might be destroyed by Brazil and the World Cup, or maybe not. Maybe we will hit the freelance jackpot. By the way if you would like a neat looking website, check out Sergey’s work at

We would love to hear any tips or ideas on when/where/and how for adventures around the world. Please share!

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