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Wanderlust Friday

April 17, 2015

You guys, it’s Friday! And that means its definitely a great time to daydream, plan, or just take off on your next travel adventure. Just go on, get in the car, maybe to the train station, or even an airport and just go. For our part, we are stoked to leave on Sunday for a trip down South, but I am always thinking a few steps ahead. So shall we get to the neat wanderlust inspiring travel links? One of them reveals our travel destination in May/June – can you guess where we are going?

_MG_2924Requisite cherry blossom photograph from last weekend. National Arboretum, Washington, DC. 

We get this question all the time — what do you travel for? Is it the food? the culture, the adrenaline of the new adventure, the bucket list? I would say that the answer might be different every day, and a little bit of everything, on most days.

One thing that usually doesn’t come up when it comes to that travel question though, is good design. That’s definitely part of the mix of why I love to travel  – I can stare at a beautiful building / room for a good while, just taking it all in, studying the details, and thinking about how it all came together.

I seek out the neighborhood tours of grand mansions, the house tours, and yes the fancy hotels – if only for a drink – and always check out local wares that I might bring home. If you are like me, check out these city guides  to discover all things home design at your next destination.

I am also a bit addicted to these blogs – Eleni, Erin, Aubrey, and Geneva – inspire some serious travel and design wanderlust.

At my work here in DC, I’ve met a few cool people on a job secondment from Europe for a few months — where should they travel to in the US on a limited budget and limited timeframe? Obviously NYC, Philly, Baltimore, and Boston – all within super easy bus reach. But also, maybe Miami? New Orleans? Should they fly all the way to the West Coast and do California – north, south, or both with highway 1 in between, maybe also include Las Vegas? and Grand Canyon? And, um…can we talk about Houston?!

Ack, so many options, so little time and money 🙂 What would you recommend as iconic USA?

And as always, if you need more travel inspiration, head on over to our facebook page where you can find our wanderlust video pick of the week!

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