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Wanderlust Friday

May 29, 2015

Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Russia. 

The return to 9-5 has been a bit bumpy for me. I like the job and my colleagues, and even the routine. But the no fresh air or day light for 8 hours a day — that’s brutal. We are constantly re-evaluating where we want to be and how we want to live…no big revelations just yet, but we are both on the same page about not making travel our permanent lifestyle. We love it too much – and for us, it wouldn’t work to make it a routine or constant. So for now at least, Fridays are my favorite. What about you – do you have a favorite day of the week? Or is at all a blur?

When we first started dating, Sergey would make me delicious breakfasts with sausages and eggs and all. Little did I know, these sausages are actually Japanese style! Also, now I kind of want a Vietnamese style hot dog…

Speaking of love, it’s been heartbreaking to watch the conflict in Ukraine unfold. The humanitarian toll and the strain on families and communities has been heavy to watch, and I can’t even began to imagine what it’s like to experience it. But, love conquers all…at least sometimes, and this story from that corner of the world put a very happy, teary smile on my face.

I have gone back to these photos over the last couple of weeks, and every time, they make me smile…the world is so beautiful!

Fun fact – at work I sit next to a colleague who calls Paris home. Her love for that city is contagious (or maybe I just need excuses to keep planning our visits around the world?) But then again, everything is better in Paris, even rainbows!

Tomorrow we are off for a week long adventure in and around Los Angeles, California. Here’s few things I am looking forward to the most:

  • Celebrating birthday of a dear friend with tacos and treasures
  • Taking in those LA views from Griffith Observatory
  • Eggslut and all sorts of delicious Korean food
  • Visiting the Eames House and dragging Sergey around to see other Architectural landmarks in LA (I have so many on my list!)
  • Camping in Big Sur (!!!) — 2 nights out in the wild (well, almost, a state park)
  • The Hearst Castle
  • Attending a wedding at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum

That about does it for us this week, if you still want more wanderlust — the video pick of the week is up on our facebook, and it’s pretty sweet!


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