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Wanderlust Friday

July 17, 2015

Wedding celebrations in Amer, India. 

We have had some personal life changes around here connected to jobs and house renovations, which made everything else a bit hectic. However, we’ve also had a super relaxing half week at the beach in Delaware, which recharged us plenty to take on the rest of summer adventures. We are hosting my family next week, and in late August / early September we are taking 2.5 weeks to do some more travel around the US. So the rest of summer is going to be kind of epic, because of how much we are packing in. Check this out:

July 19 – 24: Jenia’s family is in town, which we will take as an excuse to do some major sightseeing around DC. We’ve done it all, multiple times, but there is just something about seeing your favorites, and discovering new gems. Particularly excited about this exhibition.

August 8-9 & 21: Sergey’s off to NYC for some boys only fun the second weekend of August, and we are both going back in 2 weeks for a day of hanging out before we take off for California.

August 22 – 30: A week in Northern California, with a lot to see and do!

We are going to hit the ground running in San Francisco, which we last visited more than 5 years ago. Excited to see all the changes, and some old favorites in all of day and half that we’ve got. I have this SF check-list in mind because we don’t like to strain ourselves too much — but anyone’s got anything we absolutely must do?

Then we are off to Marin County for some R&R on the beach and hiking trails.

  • We are going to check out Stinson Beach — how dreamy would camping in this tent be?? I also wouldn’t mind staying here. Nope, not at all.
  • We are definitely hiking out in the Point Reyes National Seashore, which apparently is the perfect place to try out your skills as “a novice backpacker” (that made me chuckle).
  • Also, I am pretty stoked for a cheese farm tour — we’ve done breweries, distilleries, and even worked for a day on a vegetable farm. But cheese farm — that’s a first, and I am pretty pumped.
  • Tamales Bay — that just rolls of your tongue and sounds delicious, right?
  • We are looking for a place to stay for a night or two — any recommendations for B&B’s in Olema, Stinson, Point Reyes or Inverness?

We are also going to be doing at least a day of wine tastings out in Sonoma County.

  • We’ve heard fantastic things about the Russian River Valley — and let’s face it, with a name like how could we skip it? Also, I don’t know what I am more excited about — the actual wineries tour or the blog post that I will write about it.
  • We may also spend some time in the mud.
  • And I have our requisite sunset point of the trip all picked out too!

We will round out the week in Guerneville, CA where we will attend a wedding of two dear friends.

Bonus links: If you would like to see more of my research on California – which includes out adventures in southern Cali and Big Sur, check out my exploding California pinterest board.

August 31 – September 7: We are going to split up our adventures, as we are about to go on the overload. We are still fleshing out our plans for this part, but basically I am going to be driving cross-country with 3 girlfriends from college, while Sergey will bounce around Califronia before heading back in search of more adventures on the East Coast. We are going to meet back up outside of Portland, Maine on September 4 for another wedding of our lovely friends. Itinerary on all of this is forthcoming (maybe next week?)

I told you it was going to be epic. What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

PS: If you would like more Wanderlust inspiration, head on over to our facebook page — the travel video pick of the week is up, per usual!

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