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Welcome Aboard!

August 19, 2016

Pardon our tardy announcement – but here it goes – we have added a new travel companion to our team back in June: Nicholas.  Its been a very new type of adventure for us, but we are slowly getting into the groove as a team of three. And while things have certainly changed around here with the new addition, we have no plans to stop traveling. Being able to explore, journey, and experience the big wide world is our way of knowing we are doing things right (for us).

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Nicholas has already proven himself already on one road trip this summer. We took the long holiday weekend in July to attend a friends’ wedding and explore a bit of southern Virginia. At the time N just turned 4 weeks, and we were a bit nervous about how he would take to our escapades.


Sergey and I have a bit of a different perception on how ‘easy’ Nicholas is (who is surprised here?) I will just say, and I think Sergey has to agree, he is no magical baby that you only hear about from a friend of a friend that never cries, only coos, and sleeps through the night by the end of the first month. While I will readily acknowledge that we’ve got ourselves an adorable, healthy son, I will also let you know that he has been blessed with strong vocal cords and he isn’t shy about deploying them should he find the right cause. Now, Nicholas rarely cries without reason, but he knows what he likes and what he doesn’t (he’s got strong opinions). Lucky for us, car rides – for the most part – are on the “Like” list.

So how did it go in Virginia? AWESOME. Nicholas was on his very best behavior – at least in public. He was the sublime, magical baby that you only hear of from friends’ of friends. He handled the 4-hour car ride like a champ, attended all important bits of the wedding without a peep, and slept (in a sling) through two, 3-hour dinners.  Pure magic (never mind the no sleeping at night bit).


Given the positive first experience, we decided to kick things up a few notches. Armed with a baby passport, we will be completing our 2016 tour of North America. Our trip will originate from Washington, DC > New York City > New Haven, CT > Salem, NH > Trenton, ME > Montreal, Canada (!!) > Syracuse, NY > Scranton, PA > DCwelcomeAboard_housetolaos_012

We are super pumped for this adventure. While we are certainly much more limited in how fast, how vast, even how adventurous our travels will be in the foreseeable future (no general class overnight train trips in India for us), there is something to taking on the challenge to keep on exploring, and to sharing with our little human in the immensity of the world. Also, I am pretty excited to experience travel through his eyes one day; sharing even a bit of that wonder that young explorers tend to have is going to be pretty cool.

So, does anyone have baby travel tips to share? Also, as always, we would love to hear any cool insights that you might have on our destinations.


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