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Wanderlust Friday

April 10, 2015

Uff, hello Friday, we’ve missed you so. This week was a whirlwind of busy, busy, busy. And there is no better antidote to that than some inspiring travel stuff: news, links, and inspiration. First, let’s get some news out of the way: after next week we are off to Southwest Florida for a bit – we are going to explore the Everglades, say hello to manatees, hang out with family, and spend a weekend on Sanibel Island with friends. If anyone has suggestions on neat things to do in that area please share!

Captiva Beach_Southwest FloridaCaptiva beach from our last trip to Florida in October 2014. 

Now, onto the links and inspiration to hold you over / entice and tempt you / or just for the fun of armchair travel…neat wanderlust happenings around the web:

This cool – and new to us – web app, helps to plan your roadtrip with all sorts of fun attractions, weird poi, and scenic overviews on the road. And they have typical stuff like hotels and food too.

A virtual photo drive through Bhutan, created via google street view photos (!) is pretty epic. and wanderlust inspiring.

Speaking of google maps — Pac-Man map feature might be dead, but here’s some screenshots of the most awesome locations around the globe that pacman roamed — may those glorious moments live forever in our memories.

A VERY handy infographic on taking taxis around the world.

Finally, as you set out for all of these road trips, a right soundtrack will be essential. Enter jaunted’s new feature: a monthly playlist curated for those of us who love discovering faraway lands and artists around the globe.

Staying closer to home: Last week we posted over on VIB blog about the state of our home in Washington D.C., and also spotlighted a few souvenirs that we’ve acquired on the road. From what I’ve gathered we are pretty unique to most long term travelers, in terms of acquiring things on the road — and there’s scientific evidence as to why that’s the case (Obviously, we don’t subscribe to the theory — our carpet purchased in India makes us plenty happy, like

New travel blog discovery: Do you watch Broad City? If not, you should…cause it’s funny. And I seriously think I found a travel blog equivalent of the show: Shut Up and Go – written by two 20-something dauntless, funny, and broke travelers.

And as is the case every Friday: don’t forget to head over to our facebook page to check out our wanderlust inspiring video pick of the week!


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