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Wanderlust Friday

February 5, 2016

Pardon the interruption in posting — we just spent the most amazing month on the road exploring Mexico. We have so many memories, thoughts, souvenirs, stories and tips to share with you. We will bump up Mexico in priority coverage, and start posting about it shortly. For now, I would like to discuss our addiction. It is known as travel, and I fear it’s getting worse. The day we left Mexico to go back to the US, I cried. And we were actually in Tulum — our least favorite (but not to say that it was totally bad) place out of all that we’ve explored in this amazing country. I feel a bit like a crack user  — nothing will compare to the high of our first long term travel, but I must have more (and each fix is still so, so good). Anyone out there feel the same way? I am not going to ask how to alleviate this longing, because neither one of us really feels the need to do that. We will continue to travel, both short and long term for as long as we feel this need.

On the plus side, I can say that choosing a lifestyle that incorporates a home base was the right decision for us. As much as we enjoyed our month long adventure, and as badly as I wanted it to continue, coming home felt good too. There is comfort in growing our collection of travel mementos, in having our sweet orange kitty right there, and in our friends. The dinners and happy hours with talk over nothing and everything mean a lot to us.

So here’s to finding the right travel balance that makes you happy!

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